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Construction Site Services

Project delays can cripple a business. With decades of experience supporting the backbone of the construction industry, Rain for Rent has developed specialized construction services to become a contractor’s partner on the jobsite. Pumping, filtration, dewatering, spill protection, jobsite safety and protection help you avoid costly fines and delays. We partner on the jobsite to get things done right, the first time.

SolidGroundTM Traction Mats – SolidGroundTM Traction Mats provide a stable surface for increased traction on muddy or sandy soil and protect landscapes from damage.


Dewatering and Bypass – Rely on Rain for Rent to provide the right pumps on your next wellpoint or deepwell dewatering, creek or sewer bypass, or pumping system.


Filtration systems – Meet specific construction site requirements and avoid costly fines and delays with Rain for Rent’s filtration equipment.


Wheel Wash – Wheel Wash systems are ideal on remediation, construction or any jobsite that needs an efficient and cost-effective track out prevention system.


PortadamTMThe PortadamTM system creates temporary, portable cofferdams for use in construction, flood protection, and in-water inspection projects.


Dust Control – Suppress dust on your construction site and roads with Rain for Rent’s dust control systems.



Temporary Fire Protection – Store water for temporary hydrant needs during construction of large commerce centers.



Jobsite services – HDPE certified fusion technicians, pump watch, installation and removal crews all help your job run smoothly.



Pre-wet – Prepare your construction site with Rain for Rent’s complete pre-wet systems, including pumps, pipe and sprinklers.



NPDES Monitoring – Monitor, log and control discharge on your construction site.